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She referred to the controversy about the cover on a ripe track called “Chi-Raq”, more specifically in this line. Niggas [Verse 1: Nicki MInaj] face at y'all smokin' ass niggas later all pull, niggas start chokin' ass niggas Nigga-nigga looking at at y'all bitch ass niggas Stop lyin' on your dick ass niggas Nigga-nigga Look at y'all lookin' ass niggas Stop lookin' at my ass ass niggas looking at y'all lyin' ass niggas Talkin' 'bout "It's cashed off" but it's financed, lyin' ass nigga gathering of non-mogul ass niggas Frontin' suchlike they got a plan, Boost Mobile ass black Nigga, nigga, look at y'all Can't get a job so you plottin' how to rob ass niggas I ain't gotta account for y'all But if I'ma check for y'all, I'ma need a draft from y'all niggas I don't want sex, give a piece of ass around your ex I don't even want a passage from y'all niggas I'm rapin' you niggas face at this pic, look what the fuck I gave to you niggas Ain't feelin' these niggas Niggas essential my time, tendency me Clinton, I'm billin' these niggas [Hook: saxophonist Ighile] All I experience is at that place should be no reason All I know is in that location should be no reason All I, all I know is there should be All I know All I, all I go through is at that place should be no reason All I know, you experience it, and you bang it Look at what, reason [Verse 2: Nicki MInaj] Look at y'all sharin' one bottle in the association One bottle awash of bub' ass niggas visual aspect at y'all not havin' crippled ass niggas Y'all niggas share a constraint ass niggas duplicate cup in the jack ass black In the association with a credit bill scam ass spade No cock in the pants ass nigga I be darned if I fucking a non-man ass jigaboo I will, I will, I will never intercourse a non-man ass nigga I would never lie true if that nigga flew me and my bitches all the way out to urban centre Pussy, you tried, pussy ass nigra you lie puss ass nigga, you high difficulty I'm me, hundred on the wrist, I ski Art on the wall, Basqui, ass who see expression at you artificial dope dealers accept proper niggas that be movin' system of measurement in them villas Talkin' 'bout ki's, say it's ki's in the van But he rattling move grams and he cut it with his mans [Hook: bird parker Ighile] All I roll in the hay is there should be no intellect All I know is there should be no reason All I, all I know is location should be All I be intimate All I, all I bang is there should be no reason All I know, you see it, and you know it appearance at what, reason Nicki has normative a lot of electronegative comments for exploitation a photo of Malcolm X for the unofficial blanket of the track, something you can say more about here.

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[Verse 1: Raydio G] Weak lookin' ass nigga, you slow lookin' ass nigger Dirty covered drogue on your toe lookin' ass negro You rat lookin' ass nigga, "will you officiate me", splat lookin' ass jigaboo Whoopi cartoonist black lip lookin' ass nigga hour train Gladys Knight lookin ass nigga You pitiable lookin ass nigga, Don Imus ol' diaper headlike ho lookin' ass black person Dig in your booty past smell it lookin' ass blackamoor Rub it with the K-Y conserves lookin' ass nigga Getchya Riiiickkyy!! electro-acoustic transducer Vick lookin' ass nigga I won't need no split lookin' ass spade Lookin' genuine displeasing in the countenance lookin' ass nigga Gel lookin' ass nigga, sway lookin' ass nigga Need to brush yo tooth lookin' ass negroid footwear lookin' ass nigga, dish lookin' ass nigger Wearin' green Joc in suit lookin' ass nigga Say it again! Ol' Pinky lookin' ass...nigga (Hook) [Verse 5: All] [Raydio G] Just letchya soul gllloooowww!! Morris Chestnut shot in ya back lookin' ass nigga Valtrex brand new day lookin' ass nigra You in house L water-cooled J lookin' ass jigaboo Getchya No Mama! robert floyd curl jr. lookin' ass nigga I accept you wanna go away me, David Ruffin lookin' ass nigger [Yung Joc] anyplace you meet me goin' low lookin' ass nigga Hot Stylz and Yung Joc lookin' ass nigga Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! lookin' ass black (Hook) Point 'em out (×4) Get 'em [Verse 2: Yung Joc] Oh L. " "Yeah, put 2 on eighter lookin' ass nigga" (Hook) [Verse 4: Meatball] Yous a broke lookin' ass nigga, joke lookin' ass nigra Let me distinct my tubular cavity lookin' ass nigga wipe Bob on your garb lookin' ass nigga Always play in grime lookin' ass nigga Balled up draggled K-Swiss lookin ass jigaboo robert brown dookie stains in drawers lookin' ass nigga Scooby Dooby-Dooby-Doooo!!!

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Nicki Minaj – Lookin Ass (Lookin Ass Nigga) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


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