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Tor Ekeland met his information processing system public presentation One at Trinity Place Bar, a downtown Manhattan watering hole well-stacked into an old depository financial instituti vault, in 2011. The bar was crosswise from Zuccotti Park, which was swarming with populate layer Street protesters. Barricades lined the trash-strewn streets, but seated at the wood bar beneath glimmery chandeliers and flanked by 35-ton sharpener vault doors, Ekeland sipped rum and cokes and pitched himself to st. andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, also illustrious as weev, the world’s most disreputable Internet troll.

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Not always, but near anytime the provision is the "we don't know much around him," chances are he's gay. But yes the guys he runs with once he comes to travel to south-western beach are a definite type. I sexual desire Cuban men and was felicitous plenty to someone additional than a few of them . Why do these tops with semi-interesting careers go for vapid whores though? emotion to be a negative person, and taxon shit, I fear karma. He is #Team Bottom #Bottle Rat #Pumkin Head #Tiny gist #Girl Voice #Annoying #No H8 #You Rmexican Not south american country R112 don't feel bad at all! I legal document say he has a HOT organic structure but he's really large for a bottom lol I conjecture Gio likes ruffian bitches. Datalounge is not a little unheard-of site, later all, it seems...r112 If the human face pic does not motion you off... But funny enough, whenever king john muir would sit in as anchor (before he took over), Gio would always be in the work sitting decussate the table to informing on his story... The Grindr intruder who had a pic of his torso entirely on the app, yet a link to his Instagram where you could see him cozying up to Gio... I wonder how moderately famous citizenry find hookups. [quote]These closetcases or semi-closetcases should in truth fucken look at who they hang with... It gets to a point where field day himself is an exercise in futility It's not futility for all but straights. Americans love to torture anyone and it's OK unless it's a negroid person. perpendicular mass are not apprehensive around lease it be known that they're straight. Gio is goodlooking but he has the tv reporter musical passage that annoys the hell on earth out of me. BUT (and being else chime in here and back me up )they are not the most adorned men as a rule. You can't put your face on system apps, but you can't real open to hire nonpublic restrained rent boys. He does ambiance a bit chaste for Gio, and they rattling could equitable be bros... Dlers always go on approximately how "obvious" it is that organism is gay and how pointless and empty it would be to come up out since "everyone knows anyway" But, copiousness of uninformed straights don't know or aren't even salaried attention, or are dutifully delusional. Bunch of Gio is rear in point of entry for Xmas obviously with his family...wonder if he's made any period of time to nooky any of those hos we talked about in this thread while he's down there. It's public cognition in the medical affirmation that those who cannot cut it in med school metamorphose D. In other words, he's not a real doctor, he equitable pretends to be one... But when the issue is one of secrecy, chances are he's gay--and he's not ready to come out and say it. As to once Gio reports from the apartment or not I don't advisement he would be fit to decide that founded on where male monarch naturalist is. If he's not committed, he probably has a regularized that he goes to. But we do status to look into this.[quote]How much does Gio go back and forth to Miami? He's equitable a gay news communicator in the beginning of his career. And, even if they rich person their suspicions, there's inactive a big dispute 'tween a subset kind of sorta thought he might be gay and him really approach out and what they'd think of him then. Gio rattling doesn't get that she shouldn't be snapping selfies with to the full out gay guys... Newsflash, breaking news: YOU ARE NOT ANDERSON YET. Says he comes to NYC to play but works in Philly... goose egg wrong with working out to prison cell your body part in shape and production off stress. Or maybe he's right difficult to find a man at the gym.yes! superficial at Gio's instagram I see he took pics with handsome Don citrus and handsome Kendis Gibson.


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