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This place contains links, images, photos and passage relating to BDSM and Female Domination that are undesirable for minors. If you are low 21 time period of age farewell now, you may be violating local, province or authorities law. Use the search forms below to discovery the line Fem Dom or fancy woman to fulfill your BDSM and domination needs. Welcome to Under Her the go-to-meeting directory for Fem Dom, Dominatrix, Domina and kept woman listings on in the U. If you are a Fem Dom paid and need to add your organisation to our mistress directory, like click greek deity to state your website.

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Argentina Australia european country central american country Belgium brazil nut Bulgaria Canada hrvatska south american country China / PRC Curacao Czech political system scandinavian country republic of finland France Germany Greece kingdom of the netherlands Hong Kong magyarorszag Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Lithuania luxembourg-ville Malaysia north american nation New island kingdom of norway republic of peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia geographical area slavonic language form of government Slovenia South continent Spain St dean martin Sweden Switzerland formosa siam meleagris gallopavo country United Kingdom Venezuela the argentine [01/30] Lady Fantasy, Buenos Aires, Argentina [01/26] Domina Maxima, Buenos Aires, the argentine Domina Nadia, Buenos Aires, Argentina Australia [03/15] Mistress Lauren Dior, Melbourne, state [12/18] Miranda Pain, Sydney, country [12/17] lover Summer Storm, Adelaide, Australia [12/01] kept woman Panzar, Sydney, state [10/17] Mistress Amara Dolce, Cairns & Darwin, state (and travels across Australia) [10/17] Mistress Saleme, Sydney, Australia [10/09] schoolmistress Tahlia, Sydney, Australia [09/18] schoolteacher Tara, Sydney, country (Also here) [09/09] Mistress Talia, Sydney, country (Also here) [08/27] adult female Claudia, Perth, country [05/16] gentlewoman weed Noir, Melbourne, state [02/18] fancy woman Celine, Perth, land (Also here) [10/02] woman Sinthia, Melbourne, land [07/14] Mistress Jetset, Perth, Australia (sound) [03/21] The Domina's Realm, Melbourne, land [02/05] schoolma'am Helena, Perth, continent [01/25] schoolteacher Audrey, Perth, continent (Also here) [01/05] Ms Luarna, Brisbane, Australia (music on site) [12/11] Mistress Violet, Melbourne, Australia [11/26] Mistres Ayla (TS) and ma'am Angel, Sydney, continent [11/14] Mistress Tatiana, Sydney, country (Also here) [09/30] lover mythical being Amore, Melbourne, Australia (Also here) [10/30] lover Kirra, Sydney, Australia [08/22] woman Fleur, Sydney, Australia [08/20] Mistress Sapphire, Perth, Australia (Also here) [08/20] The Fetish Manor, Perth, Australia (Also here) [08/07] fancy woman Jadis, Sydney, Australia (and travels) [08/05] schoolmarm Tara, Parramatta, Australia [07/26] Mrs Birch, Sydney, state (Also here) [07/25] woman Talia, Sydney, Australia [06/15] Mistress Tokyo, Sydney, Australia [05/23] Mistress Sateen, Melbourne, Australia [04/05] Purple Palace, Adelaide, land [02/22] Alex Vicia, Melbourne, commonwealth of australia [02/14] adult female Alexa, Melbourne, Australia (and travels) [02/13] Mistress Magenta, Melbourne, land [06/11] Mistress poisonous substance Ivy, Melbourne, Australia (Also here) [01/27] schoolma'am Celine, Perth, country (Also here) [01/21] employer Asha, Perth, Australia [11/05] mum Kyra, Melbourne, Australia [11/05] Mistress Zoe, Melbourne, country [11/04] Mistress Tara, Sydney, land (Also The Hague, Holland - At Vampix) [01/30] schoolmistress Elizabeth, Melbourne, Australia [01/18] schoolteacher Tokyo, Sydney, commonwealth of australia (Also here) [01/18] schoolma'am Demeter, Sydney, Australia [11/19] employer Petra, Melbourne, continent (Also here) [10/29] school teacher Sheridan Taylor, Sydney, commonwealth of australia (Also distance training - besides here, here) [10/29] nonindulgent Nanny, Sydney, Australia [10/12] schoolteacher Syrine, Melbourne, land [10/02] Mistress Debbledee, Adelaide, state [08/22] Mistress Angelica, federal Rivers, state (Also Sydney) [08/11] fancy woman Elena, Sydney, Australia (At The Kastle) [07/20] Mistress Katalina, Brisbane, Australia [06/08] Mistress Lotus, Canberra, commonwealth of australia (Also Sydney - likewise here) [06/02] Mistress Isis, Melbourne, Australia (At rebuke Centre) [05/08] adult female Griffen, Sydney, commonwealth of australia [02/25] lover Petra, Melbourne, commonwealth of australia [01/29] Mistress Servalan, Sydney, country (Also here) [01/14] Mistress Pearl, Sydney, commonwealth of australia [12/02] Mistress Saskia, Melbourne, Australia [11/17] Mistress Petra / My housemaid Serna, Melbourne, Australia [09/27] fancy woman Layla De Bauche, Melbourne, commonwealth of australia [09/25] employer Diamond, Sydney, commonwealth of australia [09/22] Mistress Fatale, Melbourne, Australia (Also Sydney) [09/18] Mistress Maihem, Melbourne, Australia (Also here, here) [09/18] The redaction Centre, Fitzroy / Melbourne, state (Also here) [07/12] Domina Cassandra, Sydney, Australia [06/30] Mistress Adira, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia [06/04] schoolteacher Leia, Adelaide, Australia [05/31] The Kastle, Sydney, Australia [05/11] Mistress Leanora, Adelaide, country [03/13] Consummate Mistress, Sydney, state [02/03] Mistress Claudia, Brisbane, Australia [12/27] woman Pamela, Melbourne, land (also space training) [11/12] Mistress Kat, Broadbeach, Queensland, continent [09/06] woman Britt, Melbourne, Australia [09/02] woman Dragonprincess, Melbourne, Australia (At The fudge factor Centre) [08/29] Mistress Olga Melbourne, Australia [06/01] schoolmistress Alecia / House of Lashes, Sydney, land [01/20] Mistress Gala, Sydney, commonwealth of australia [12/09] Mistress Amelia, Perth, Australia [09/17] Mistress Astrid (TS) & Ms Annika (switch), Sydney, Australia [04/05] Mistress Shah, Melbourne, Australia (Also here) [01/22] Domina Natalia, Sydney, country [12/11] Domina Cassandra, Sydney (also London) [11/27] Mistress Jan / Emmanuelle's Dungeon, Brisbane, state [11/12] kept woman Eve Andre Slavedriver, Perth, state [04/27] Mistress Star's Dungeon, Sydney, Australia [01/04] Mistress Black, Sydney, Australia [12/05] woman Kim, Queensland, state (Also here) [09/04] Mistress Tara's good luck charm House, Melbourne, continent (Also here) Domme Feather, Brisbane, Australia (changed URL) beauty shop Kitty's, Sydney, commonwealth of australia european nation [03/23] opera star Salsarena, Vienna, oesterreich [12/11] Mistress Katrina, Vienna, Austria [12/03] 1001 Macht / dame Queen, Vienna, Austria [10/05] Lady Tarra, Vienna, european country [03/31] Mistress Ellen, Vienna, european country [03/14] Mistress Chaninne, Vienna, european nation [02/18] schoolmistress Nora, Vienna, Austria (Also here) [06/11] adult female capital of austria / Auntie, Vienna, Austria [03/07] Danja Le Fay, Innsbruck, oesterreich (Changed URL - Also here) [02/16] Mistress Karolina, Vienna, Austria [02/08] Lady Morrigan, Vienna, Austria [01/28] Contessa Cruella, Vienna, Austria [01/23] Baronesse Rubin, Vienna, Austria (Also Linz) [01/23] Lady Anath, Vienna, oesterreich [01/09] Dominantes Fraeulein A, Vienna, european country [10/02] Saskia della Borgia, Vienna, oesterreich (Also Zurich/Switzerland and Germany/Bodenseeregion) [09/07] La Zia Viennese, Vienna, european nation [08/16] Madame Michaela, Vienna, Austria (Also here) [05/25] Mean Aunt, Vienna, Austria [03/12] Baronesse Rubin, Vienna, oesterreich (Also Budapest, Hungary) [03/06] Contessa Cruella, Vienna, Austria [01/16] Bizarrlady Danja, Inssbruck, Austria [10/21] Lady Satana, Vienna, oesterreich (Also here) [09/29] Lady D, Vienna, Austria [07/01] Lady Manou, Vienna, republic of austria [06/25] Lady Allegra, Vienna, republic of austria [06/13] Lady Kylie, Vienna, republic of austria [05/08] e Xdream, nearer Salzburg, european nation (Also here) [10/27] Lady Katarina, Vienna, republic of austria [03/15] Lady Callystra, Vienna, Austria [03/15] lady Helga, Bad Aussee, republic of austria (Also here) [05/30] madam Sarah Jenkins, Tirol, european nation [04/17] ma'am Michaela, Vienna, european nation [03/05] La Contessa, Vienna, Austria [07/31] Lady Elize, Vienna, Austria [04/01] ma'am Vanessa, Salsburg, oesterreich [11/03] studio Prison, Vienna, Austria [08/08] lady Manuela, Vienna, european nation [07/26] madam Sanders, Vienna, Austria (Also here, here, here, here, here, here) [06/26] Madam M's Salon Bizarr, Vienna, Austria (Also here) [06/05] Madame Sarina, austrian capital Domina Guide, european nation [10/12] SM Studio Antwerpen, Anthwerp, kingdom of belgium [08/04] Desir Secret, Bruxelles, Belgium [05/20] Miss Dita, Anthwerp, Belgium [03/28] Sa Scorpia, Antwerp, european nation (Also Las Vegas) [01/13] fancy woman Missaya, Brussels, kingdom of belgium [12/28] Meesteres Tasha, Antwerp, european nation [12/26] schoolmistress Nina, Brussels, Belgium [09/21] Maitresse Nina, Overjise, Near Brussels, Belgium [07/15] Lady woman Medea, Antwerp, european country [07/08] Maitresse D. Mona, Brussels, belgique (Also here) [07/07] Maitresse Stilletta, Brussels, kingdom of belgium [03/29] Maitresse Sylvie, Charleroi, belgique [11/11] lover Lucrezia, Antwerp, Belgium [10/20] Maitresse Linda, Brussels, Belgium (Also here, here, here, here, here) [10/14] Maitresse Chanel, Liege, Belgium [10/05] kept woman Vivianne, Antwerp, Belgium [07/29] Mistress Nina, Brussels, kingdom of belgium [02/08] Meesteres Destiny, nighest Turnhout, Belgium [02/06] Maitresse Catherine, Brussels, Belgium [01/21] SM workplace Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium [06/21] Maitresse Zana, Brussels, european country [02/09] flat Allure, Antwerp, kingdom of belgium [10/04] chick Callista, Antwerp, belgique [09/25] schoolmistress Lou, Brussels, european nation [08/21] Sister Mistress Hildegarde, Brussels, belgique (Also here) [07/31] Le Salon de Michele, Brussels, kingdom of belgium (Also here) [07/09] kept woman Selina, Brussels, european country [05/12] Mistress Joan, Antwerp, Belgium [05/08] Maitresse Gaby, Marcinelle / Charleroi, Belgium [04/29] Maitresse Bourgeoise, Brussels, belgique (Also here) [04/20] Hot Marijke, Antwerp, european country (Also here) [04/17] ma'am Jade, Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium [04/17] ma'am Christinna, Charleroi, belgique [04/17] Studi'O / Mrs. / in operation way Roleplay), Antwerp, european nation [05/21] adult female Selena, Near Holland border, european country [03/23] Mistress Bo, Antwerp, european country [03/13] Britta's Place, Zelzate, Belgium [01/24] Maitresse Kika, southernmost of Brussels, european country (Also Paris, France) [01/03] schoolteacher Nadia, Laakdal, belgique [12/10] Mistress Jays Mansion, Ghent, european country [11/29] Elsa La Severe, Brussels, Belgium (Also here) [11/26] school teacher Tania, Brussels, kingdom of belgium [11/25] Maitresse Cyn, Liege, Belgium [11/14] schoolma'am Zarah, Brussels, belgique (At Pain Loft) [08/08] employer Ann, Brussels, Belgium [08/02] schoolmarm Katharina, Brussels, Belgium [07/03] The somesthesia Loft / Mistress Cloe, Brussels, european nation (Also here, here) [06/15] schoolma'am Lucrezia, Antwerp, kingdom of belgium (Also here, here) [01/24] Maitresse Mina, Arlon, kingdom of belgium [10/03] Studio Pandora, Antwerp, Belgium [08/26] Odesa / Mistress Leila, Antwerp, kingdom of belgium (Also here) [06/26] woman Nell, Liege, european country Brazil [09/29] Dommenique, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, metropolis Alegre, Brazil [10/01] kept woman Lilith, Rio de Janeiro, federative republic of brazil (Also New York - Also here, here, here) [06/19] Feti Xe Fun House, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [02/06] Madame Luxor Divinna, urban centre Alegre, brazil [08/20] gentlewoman Luxor, Rio de Janeiro, south american nation [07/12] The Fetish House, Sao Paolo, Brazil [01/06] Rainha Ester, Belo Horizonte/MG, Brazil [12/20] Anny Dominadora, Sao Paolo, federative republic of brazil [04/03] Ellen Rainha, Sao Paolo, Brazil (Also here) [11/05] Senhora Helga Vany Freyja, Sao Paolo, brazil nut (with The Other World Kingdom) north american nation [11/20] Mistress Victoria, Toronto, Canada (and travels) [11/19] young woman Flora Revel, Toronto, Canada [11/06] Mistress Crimson, Toronto, north american nation [10/29] lover Maia, Toronto, north american country [10/29] Mistress Ana, Toronto, north american country [10/24] Mommy Sarah, Ottawa, Canada (and travels across Canada & US) [10/18] Maitresse Mathia, Montreal, Canada [10/10] female aristocrat Azelle, Toronto, Canada [09/29] Mistress Morgan Thorne, Toronto, Canada (Also here) [09/23] Dominique Domme, Vancouver, Canada [09/23] Mistress Sasha Mizaree, Vancouver, north american country [09/11] Ms. Suzy, Antwerp, Belgium [04/17] Meesteres Jessica, Oostende, belgique [04/17] Maitresse Sylvie, Brussels, kingdom of belgium [03/16] Meesteres Issis, Antwerp, kingdom of belgium (Also Breda, Netherlands- besides here) [02/28] schoolmarm Shane, Antwerp, Belgium (and travels) [02/14] Messteres Xines, Merelbeke, belgique (Also here, here) [02/14] Yesmistress, Hooglede, West Vlaanderen, belgique [02/14] The Chamber, Kapellen, nearby Antwerp, belgique [01/13] SM studio apartment The Cellar, near Antwerp, Belgium [01/13] Maitresse Kika, Brussells, belgique (Also Anthwerp, Paris) [12/13] Maitresse Diane, Brussels, european nation [11/25] Maitresse Athena, Brussels, Belgium [10/20] Mistress Janice, Brussels, Belgium [09/30] fancy woman dame Alexia, Brussels, european nation [09/25] Domina Linda, Antwerp, european country [09/18] schoolma'am Morticia, Antwerp, Belgium [08/08] apartment Magical, northbound of Antwerp, Belgium (near Roosendaal, Holland) [06/21] Maitresse Christine, Brussels, Belgium (Also here) [05/15] lover Salem, Brussels, Belgium [02/03] Mistess Kelly's SM Place, Antwerp, belgique (Also here as superior Thaurus) [12/24] Meesteres Dita, Ghent, Belgium [11/12] Ms Kathy, Ghent, european country [11/01] Meesteres Kara, Ghent, Belgium [07/19] O. Lady Kennedy, Vancouver, north american country [09/07] Mistress Dee, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [09/04] Dr. Dominatrix Mistress FemDom Domme Listing Directory Guide


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