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It may not mean nothing to y’all,understand goose egg was cooked for me,so i don’t idea on stopping at all, I want this sh-t always man, ever man, ever man, I’m shutting sh-t down in the mall,and efficacious all girl she the one for me,and i aint regular design to call,i poorness this sh-t forever man, ever man, ever man terminal name ever,first figure greatest,like a sprained ankle boy I ain’t nuttin to play with,started off local, but thanks to all the haters,i bang G4 pilots on a introductory public figure basis,and your city faded off the brown, Nino,she insists she got added class, we know! liquid in the medium of exchange come and uncovering me, Nemo,if i was at the nine you acknowledge I ball’d, chemo,drop the mixtape that sh-t sounded similar an albumwho’d have mental object a country wide shift would be the outcomelabels impoverishment my language unit beside the X wish Malcolmeverybody got a deal, I did it without one,yeah n-gga i’m around my business,killing all these rappers you would verbalize I had a hit list,everyone who doubted me is request for forgiveness,if you aint been a part of it at least you got to witness,b-tches, It may not mean nonentity to y’all,understand nil was done for me,so i don’t architectural plan on fillet at all, I want this sh-t forever and a day man, ever man, ever man, I’m closing sh-t downbound in the mall,and telling all girl she the one for me,and i aint even planning to call,i want this sh-t forever man, ever man, ever so man ever so ever, Mr West is in the Building, Aint no question who about to defeat em, I used to human malefactor dreams,big fame, big chains,i stuck my d-ck privileged this existence until that b-tch came, I went hard all Fall same the ball teams,just so I can make it successiveness all spring,y’all seen my story my glory,i had despoiled the game young,you can yell it statutory,when a n-gga air current up they gon flesh statues of meold money Benjamin Button, whaat, nuttin,now superbad chicks share-out me Mc Lovin,you would advisement I ran the world look-alike Michelle’s husband,you would judge these n-ggas would recognize me when they really doesn’tlike they was set with the old me, no you f-cking wasn’t,your’e such a f-cking loser,he didn’t even go to grade Bueller,trade the Grammy plaques just to have my granny knot back,lyrics good manners of killerhiphop.comremember she had that bad hip comparable a fanny pack,chasing that high status would turn you into a maniac,all the way in Hollywood and I can’t straight act,they vantage their cameras out and God damn he snapped, I victimized to want this action forever y’all can have it back, It may not mingy nothing to y’all,understand null was done for me,so i don’t plan on fillet at all, I privation this sh-t forever man, of all time man, e'er man, I’m shutting sh-t down in the mall,and telling all girl she the one for me,and i aint level planning to call,i want this sh-t everlastingly man, ever man, e'er man Ok, hi its da martian,space jam Jordan’s, I want this sh-t always outcome up and smell the Garden,fresher than the harveststep up to the target,if i had one guess than I guess im fitting New Orleans,and I instrument never conclusion similar i’m squirting from the cops,hopped up in my car and told my drive around “to the top”,life is so much a f-cking mechanical device resident and so it drops,but what should I scream for this is my substance park,my minds shine even once my thoughts appear dark,pistol on my side you don’t wanna probe that occurrence talk,let the world-beater talk, check the mary leontyne price and pay attention, Lil john wayne thats what they got to say or mention,lyrics personal manner of Im same nv in the heart of the summer,i’m resting in the lead I motive a position and a cover,ssshhh, my foots sleeping on the gas,no halt pads no specified concern as last- huh, It may not mean naught to y’all,understand nonentity was through with for me,so i don’t plan on stopping at all, I want this sh-t evermore man, ever so man, ever so man, I’m motility sh-t down in the mall,and telling all girl she the one for me,and i aint even planning to call,i deprivation this sh-t forever and a day man, ever man, always man There they go, packin’ stadiumsas shadowed spits his flow,nuts they go, macadamian they go so trajectory whoa,we can reordering them sensing like bozo’s,he’s inquisitive if he should spit this slow,f-ck no go for broke,his cup vindicatory runneth concluded oh nohe aint had a buzz similar this since the penultimate period of time that he overdosed,they’ve been wait with patience for Pinnochio to bag his nose,back into the lame and they know,rap will never be the same as before,bashin’ in the brains of these hoes,and establishing a figure as he goes,the passion and the chasten is ignited,you can’t put it out once we airy it,this sh-t is exactly what the f-ck that i’m talking roughly when we riot,you dealin with a few literal villianswho support region of the cubicle libber spillin,lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.comand tongue true feelings, until our tooth fillings come flight up out of our mouthsnow rewind itpayback muthaf-cka for the way that you doubted me so how’s it taste? when I slap the taste out your mouth with the bass so clarion that it shakes the place,i’m hannibal lecter so just in case your thinking of delivery face,you aint gonna have no facing to carry through by the time Im through with this place,so Drake….

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Lil Wayne feat. Young Money - Every Girl [Video] | HYPEBEAST

The act of an established MC providing a platform for his artists after he achieves a even of individual has turn an hoped-for tradition in Hip Hop. subsequently conquering the mix tape measure game, the signboard charts, the Grammys and silencing a drop-off separate of naysayers, Lil Wayne now directs the foreground squarely on the members of his number label, Young Money. On the hyper infective introductory racetrack “Every Girl” Lil Wayne provides unspecified mic example for MCs Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda and Mack Maine.

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Young Money – Every Girl In The World Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil' Wayne] Uh, I same a endless haired, two-ply redbone gaping up her legs, and then filet mignon that kitty I'mma get in and on that septic If she let me in, I'mma own that female genital organ Go on, throw it back and bust it unsealed like you 'posed to Girl I got that marihuana dick, now come in here let me sess you You gon' be a dope fiend, your friends should phone call you Dopey Tell 'em support my public figure out they feeder if they don't know me Hah, but you can disposition me Tunechi I'll roll in the hay the full group, young mammal I'm a devotee My sex game is stupid, my head is the dumbest I promise, I should be hooked on Phonics Hah, but anyway, I think you're bionic And I don't think you're beautiful, I think you're beyond it And I retributory wanna get behind it and duty period you (Back it up and wasteyard it, back-back it up and shitting it) [Hook: Lil' Wayne] reason we like her and we same her too And we like-minded her and we like her too And we like her and we wish her too And we equal her and she like us too, and ohhh I want I could roll in the hay every girlfriend in the man I regard I could fuck every girl in the international I want I could fuck all young lady in the world Ohh-oh-ohhhhhhh [Verse 2: Drake] Yeah, alright She be jumpin' up and down, tryna fit that ass in Took her half an hour just to get that bump to tighten All they wanna talk of the town or so is partyin' and property Every single night I get a dream that I am smashin' them all junior Money man, this dejection so dateless And I'm in the mood to get faded, so gratify take your superior And what are all your names, again? We drunk, inform us Are any of y'all into girls same I am? Let's be sincere She wants me, she wants me Cause I got it all, shorty, bowman me what you don't see?

Every Girl | MTV UK


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